Ergastiri Technis ke Politismou (Workshop of Art and Culture) is a non-profit cultural society which aims to preserve and promote the Greek culture either in Greece or abroad. It was founded in 1995 and is based  in Agia Paraskevi (Ag. Ioannou Street 24A).  Since 2005 the main branch is located at Gerakas, Attiki , Marathonos Ave. 132 (across the street from Carrefour Supermarket) and there is also a branch  in Rafina sheltered at the 1st Primary School of Rafina.

The activities of the Society include traditional dancing (beginners and advanced classes), independent traditional choir, classes for traditional musical instruments and theoretical workshops on Greek tradition, dances and songs.

Up to date, the choir and the dancing group of the Society have performed in many cultural events in Athens, around Greece and abroad. The Research Team of the Society , under the supervision of Mr. Christos Theologos has organized a number of  trips to research and  record  customs and traditions in various places of Greece. The results of this  research, with a  special interest  in the areas of Asia Minor, Cappadocia and the islands of Chios and , have  been presented  in seminars  around Greece (Alexandroupolis, Sparta, Florina, Kavala, the Islands of Corfu, Syros, Crete etc) as well as abroad (Belgium, France, Switzerland and Cyprus).   

The Society owns a rather large number of books and audio-visual material on traditional Greek culture, and also sufficient number of costumes, exact replicas of the traditional old ones.



Dancing Class

There are groups for beginners and also advances groups for learning  traditional Greek dancing ,where every effort is given, not just to learn the dancing steps or the musical tunes, but to experience dancing as a way of self expression and living. 

Instructors:  Christos Theologos, Georgios Rigos, Pari Papageorgiou




The traditional choir of the Society performs both independently or together with the dancing group in shows and performances, serving with respect the Greek traditional singing culture.

Instructor: Vagelis Sakelariou


Polyphonic song workshop

The polyphonic song group of the Society performs both independently or together with our dancing group in shows and performances, preserving this unique way of singing from Epirus, Greece.

Instructor: Vagelis Kotsou


Research Team

The objective of this team is the scientific study and recording of the tradition - culture of the coastline of Asia Minor (Mikra Asia), of Kapadoccia, the Islands of Northern Aegean and not limited in all the areas of Greece where today the Refugees and their descendants of Asia Minor (Mikra Asia) and of Black Sea (Pontos) live. Responsible - coordinator of the team is Mr Christos Theologos
     After the pin-pointing of research subjects, Mr Theologos is organizing missions in the Greek regions, where with the proper audio-visual equipment records local customs and traditions, and through scientific elaboration of the collected materials, he carries the torch of learning to the young people of the cities that have the interest to become participants of the riches of the Greek folklore and tradition.


Theoretical Class

The results of the works of the Research Team are presented at the Theoretical class, that has the purpose of the creative introduction of the members of the Workshop with the entirety of Neo-Hellenic traditional culture. Sponsors of the Class are Mr. Christos Theologos and Mr. Nikos Kontinakis.


Traditional Greek musical instrument workshop


Distinguished musicians, specialized in traditional musical instruments, teach different musical instruments for the members of the Society.

Instructors: Zacharias Spiridakis, Odiseas Stefanis, Karolos Kouklakis

Research team

The objective of this team is the scientific study and recording of the traditions and the culture of the coastline of Asia Minor (Mikra Asia), Cappadocia, the Islands of the Northern Aegean Sea and all the areas of Greece where refugees from Asia Minor (Mikra Asia) and the Black Sea (Pontos) and their descendants, live today. Supervisor and coordinator of the team is Christos Theologos. Research trips are organized to different areas in Greece, annually. Using appropriate audio-visual equipment local customs and traditions are recorded and the raw material is analyzed and presented to young people in urban areas, in order to familiarize themselves with the traditional  Greek culture.


Theoretical workshop

The material from the Research Team is presented at the Theoretical workshop, in order to introduce to the members of the Society a global aspect of the Neo-Hellenic traditional culture.

Instructors:  Christos Theologos, Andreas Agouropoulos, Nikos Kontinakis.