Sanctification  ceremony

On September 12th, 2010 the Sanctification ceremony and official beginning of the workshop meetings,for the academic year 2010-2011, took place at the rehearsal hall of Ergastiri Technis & Politismou at Marathonos Ave, 132, Gerakas.








 To be held during the EASTER HOLIDAYS
Saturday, APRIL 3 to Sunday, APRIL 11, 2010


Organized in the island of IKARIA by the IkariaDance project:



With CHRISTIANA KATSAROU (dances of Ikaria)
        CHRISTOS THEOLOGOS (dances of Asia Minor  & Chios)

        NIKOS ZOURNATZIDIS (dances of Pontos)                            

        GIORGOS ELENIS & ANNA GEORGIOU (dances of Leros)


Ikaria is an island of the East Aegean Sea near the islands of  Samos and Chios. An island of a unique natural beauty, a fascinating history and living traditions presenting a meaningful evolution. The local feasts ( panigiria) are embraced by all generations and are still today the centre of the island’s cultural life, a surprising and exciting reality for its visitors. Recent  research is emphasizing on the meaning of the feasts and generally the collectivity of the ikarian way of life for the increased rate of longevity on the island. ( see also:  www.bluezones.com/ikaria/)


General program:

 - Dance lessons (5 hrs/ day, different levels, special lessons for beginners)

 - Culture workshops (1 h/day with songs, presentations, costumes e.t.c.)

 - Participation in local Easter events and local feasts (“panigiria”/ “choroesperides”)                                                                          

 - Evening parties with local musicians

 - Excursion to cultural sites

 - Culture optional activities (Walks on traditional paths, greek language lesson,   

                                              greek cooking lesson e.t.c.) 

Price / Accommodation:

Pedagogy, activities and related transport, accommodation and halfboard

(breakfast and dinner), all educational material: €580/person.

Hotel rooms are for 2 persons sharing with bath. Singles are arranged upon request. (info about the hotel: www.cavosbay.com.gr)



Christiana Katsarou (english, french)

E-mail :christiana_katsarou@hotmail.com

Tel.mobile : +30 69 72 42 47 96

Vasilis Sklapanis (english, german)

E-mail : sklap@etepo.gr

Tel.mobile: +30 69 44 68 75 35



des Iles , Asie Mineure et du Pont Euxin


                                 organisé PENDANT LES VACANCES DE PAQUES
Du samedi 3 avril au dimanche 11 avril 2010
 Organisation :  à IKARIA île de la mer Egée

                        par IkariaDance project:  www.ikariadance.com


Avec CHRISTIANA KATSAROU (danses d'Ikaria)

         CHRISTOS THEOLOGOS (danses d'Asie Mineure et Chios)

         NIKOS ZOURNATZIDIS ( danses du Pont Euxin)

         GIORGOS ELENIS-ANNA GEORGIOU (danses de Lèros)


Ikaria est une île située à l'Est de la mer Egée, près des îles de Samos et Chios. Une île jouissant  d’une beauté naturelle unique, d’une histoire fascinante et des traditions vivantes et en évolution. Les fêtes locales (panighiria), fréquentées par toutes les générations, sont encore aujourd'hui le centre de la vie culturelle d'Ikaria, ce qui surprend et enchante tous ses visiteurs. Des recherches récentes accentuent  que les fêtes et, en général la collectivité du mode de vie ikariote contribuent à leur longévité dite remarquable. (Voir aussi : www.bluezones.com/ikaria/)



Programme général:

 -    Pédagogie : 5 heures par jour de cours de danse (niveaux débutants/ avancés)

-      Ateliers de culture:1 heure par jour avec chants populaires, percussions et rythmes, présentations, vidéo, …

-      Participation aux fêtes locales de Pâques et «panigiria » ou «choroesperides» locaux de la «Lambrovdomada» (la semaine après la Pâque)

-      Soirées avec des musicians locaux

-      Excursion aux sites culturels

-      Ateliers de culture optionnels (randonnées, cours de la langue grecque, cours de cuisine grecque, …)


Prix / Logement:

Pédagogie, activités et leur transport, demi-pension (petit-déjeuner et dîner), matériel éducatif: € 580/personne.

Chambres à deux lits + salle de bain, voir www.cavosbay.com.gr).
Il est possible d'obtenir une chambre individuelle moyennant un supplément.



Christiana Katsarou (francais, anglais)


Tel.mobile : +30 69 72 42 47 96


Seminar of Traditional Greek Dances of the Islands and Asia-Minor

To be held fron

Sunday afternoon, JUNE 29 to Monday morning, JULY 7, 2008

Organized by Christiana KATSAROU (dances of Ikaria and islands)
with the participation of :
Christos THEOLOGOS (dances of Asia Minor)

Apostolis MARIOLAS (Limnos)

and Efthimios EVANGELOU (dances of Samos)


Where the unique natural beauty, festive everyday life, and the ‘oriental’ rhythm of life of the Ikarians is widely known inside and outside of Greece! Ikaria is on the crossroad of Kiklades, North Aegean islands, the Dodekanese and the Asia Minor, and so the music and the dances are influenced by all these regions.

Général program

Sunday (29 June) afternoon: Welcome session ... registration, introductory information. Later on we all go to the “panigiri” (outdoor festivity) of Agioi Apostoli sharing the experience of an ikarian glendi with local musicians, local traditional dishes (“rasko” goat and ikarian wine) and local dancers.
From Monday up to Saturday, we will have morning and afternoon lessons, 5 hours per day. There will be a level differenciation between beginner-intermediate dancers and more experienced for some hours every day with ‘specialty’ workshops in advance styling and rhythms for participants who have in-depth experience with the dances of Ikaria / the Islands, Asia Minor.

Additionally, we will have workshops with singing and rhythm sessions, and lectures on customs/ traditions/costumes. In the evenings we dance, dance … local dances to live music whenever possible at village celebrations (“panigiria” or “choroesperides”) or in local tavernas and also we do dances from all around Greece at our own parties….
One day in the week an excursion to the wild and beautiful natural surroundings of Ikaria also is planned, giving us the possibility to enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the island.

On Sunday (6 July) we will do the revision of the dances taught making also the seminar’s video. A CD and DVD with the seminar’s music and dances are prepared for those interested . (On Monday our checking out is at noon.)

Price / Accomodation

€580/person : Pedagogy & related activities, accommodation and half-board (breakfast and dinner) at Cavos Bay Hotel, all food and activities on the excursion day, and transportation to/from seminar events. This price is for 2 persons sharing a double room with bath. Single rooms can be arranged upon request, €700/person. For persons who wish to accompany a seminar participant - not to attend the dance courses, but to share in the other group activities, the price will be €440/person, sharing a double room.

You can see where we will be staying at www.cavosbay.com.gr

Registration and payment

Please inform us about yourself and your method of payment by sending the attached registration form by fax or post or email. We must receive your registration form and one-third of the seminar fee no later than May 15, 2008.

Advance payments must be made via bank electronic transfer. (Cheques of any kind can take up to 40 days to clear and have high commissions.) Please attach your bank’s receipt for the electronic transfer to your registration form - forms without bank receipts attached will not secure a place at the seminar. Please be prepared to pay the balance at the seminar in ‘cash’ (euros), or by electronic transfer before June 27, 2008 – in this case, you will need to bring the bank receipt for the 2nd transfer with you to the seminar.

NOTE: The number of the participants is limited due to the nature of the seminar, so book early !!



Contact Olympic Airways , tel.: 0030 210 9666 666 or visit the site www.olympicairlines.com

Transportation by plane should be booked early for that period! (FYI, Return airfare between Athens & Ikaria is ~105 Euros : 5 Flights per week).


Ferries connect Ikaria and Pireus port every day. Traveling by ferries from Pireus can take from 4,5 to 9 hours depending on the company schedules. Taking a flight to Samos and then the ferry to Ikaria is also a practical solution as every day ferries connect the two islands. For more information visit the site www.kallistiferries.gr/

or other useful sites for travel arrangements like:





Note that there are two ports in Ikaria: Evdilos and Aghios Kirikos.

Evdilos is the nearest port to Armenistis where the seminar takes place. (20 min. by taxi, around 15 euros taxi fare)


Contact in Greece

CHRISTIANA KATSAROU (Français, anglais)

Télamonos 14, Pangrati GR-11633 ATHENES

Tel. mob. +30 697 2424796 / +30 210 7645163

Fax : + 30 210 76 45 163

E-mail : christiana_katsarou@hotmail.com

Contact in USA


Tel : +1 415 272 4641 / FAX : +1 415 332 8910

E-mail : caroline_simmonds@hotmail.com

Contact in France

MARYSE FABRE ( French, English, Greek, Spanish)

2, rue Cosevox 75018 Paris

Tel. domicile : +33 (0) 1 46 27 92 04

bureau : +33 (0) 1 56 60 47 51

Fax. : +33 (0) 1 56 60 47 06

E-mail :  maryse.fabre3@wanadoo.fr



Sunday 27th January 2008

Traditional Dances of Asia Minor Seminar

Instructor: Christos Cheologos  



The Society  keeping up with its educational role,  organizes a seminar about “Dances from Asia Minor”. Instructor will be Mr. Christos Theologos, a well known researcher and teacher of traditional dances. With his unique way of teaching, he will analyze the “chorological” map of the area.




      The Society  has scheduled the annual  “Cutting of the Vasiliopita” for 2008 on Thursday, 10th January 2008 at 09.00pm.  at the Society’s main branch  venue (Marathonos Ave. 132, Gerakas Attikis).  Once more, during a simple ceremony, we shall try to honor both Saint Basilios  and the tradition of vasiliopita cutting.




     The Events Committee of the Society has organized  this year a trip  of both educational and entertainment character,  in Drama and the surrounding  area ….

The Society’s ambition is to keep its members in touch with the areas where the Holy 12-day period is traditionally celebrated.

Petrousa, Volakas, Monastiraki, Ksiropotamos will be some of the places to visit. These towns  are essential points for the pursuit of an inner experience and  pleasure of participating in the traditional events of a “different” Greece which is pure and clean, as if time has been frozen in the past.

Wish us “Good trip” and you are more than welcomed to join us.


More information will be available in our site very soon……


Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th December 2007



    The Events Committee, loyal to a long lasting tradition of the Society, hosted on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th December 10.00 – 22.00  a Christmas Bazaar in the main branch venue  of the Society ( Marathonos Ave. 132, Gerakas, Attiki).


      This year for the very first time together with the Bazaar,  “Children

 workshops” ware scheduled for the mornings of both Saturday and Sunday.

    Through role playing, Mrs. Christiana Katsarou, who was responsible for running the workshops, together with her colleagues, Mr. Vangelis Sakellariou choir teacher, Mrs. Polikseni Fokianou and Andreas Atzambos, tried to instill the real meaning of Christmas to the children, introduced them to the traditions of this time from all over Greece and tried to entertain them.  

       The above workshops ware for children above the age of six.



Kipotheatro Papagou

Sunday 23rd September 2007

11th Sergiani to Tradition


The dance group of the Society  participated in the Festival of Traditional Dances which was organized by the regional group of the Lyceum Ellinidon of the Municipality of Papagou.




Benediction Ceremony



Given the opportunity of the opening of the workshops for the year  2007-2008, the Benediction Ceremony took place on Sunday 9th September 2007 at 19.00 hrs at the main branch venue of the Society.






Once more, the Society’s workshops worked together in an attempt to present to the audience one of the most  important and  devastating moments of the Greek history… The  Occupation of Konstantinople.  

The Dance workshop … the workshop of Byzantine and Traditional music …. the workshop of traditional costumes … every member and all the friends of the Society, in a common effort, offered their ideas and their soul in order to present what really meant for the Greek nation the Occupation of Konstantinople…. A landmark in the history of our nation…  









To be held during

Friday evening, JUNE 30 - Saturday morning, JULY 8, 2006


organized by  CHRISTIANA KATSAROU  (dances of Ikaria and other Islands)

with the participation

of  CHRISTOS THEOLOGOS (dances of Asia Minor - Cappadocia)

and  YORGOS ZIOGAS (Thrace)


on the island of IKARIA, in the Aegean sea


where the unique natural beauty, festive everyday life, and the ‘oriental’ rhythm of life of the Ikarians is  widely known inside and outside  of Greece!  Ikaria is on the crossroad of Kiklades, North Aegean islands, the Dodekanese and the Asia Minor, and so the music and the dances are influenced by all these regions.


General program:            

The program this year will include courses in the dances, traditions, and music of Ikaria and other Aegean islands, Asia Minor, Cappadocia and Thraki.  Lessons will be held in the morning and afternoon, and offered at the beginner and experienced levels.  Dancers are encouraged to move between levels depending on their experience of the different regions.


We will enjoy the local music-dances and taste the Ikarian traditional dishes (“rasko”) at local “paniyiria” (outdoor festivals) and “horoesperides” (dance parties).  Other evenings we will invite local musicians and dancers to party with us at local tavernas.


An excursion to the wild and beautiful mountains of Ikaria also is planned, giving us the possibility to enjoy the unspoiled natural beauty of Ikaria.


Price/accomodation Lessons (5 hours/day), all activities, accommodation and half-board (breakfast and dinner),transportation to/from seminar events : €570/person. Hotel rooms are for 2 persons sharing with bath.  Singles can be arranged upon request (€690/person).  For persons who wish to accompany a seminar participant - not to attend the dance courses but to share in the other group activities, the price will be €430 per person, sharing in a double room.  (You can see the hotel facilities at  www.cavosbay.com.gr , Cavos Bay Hotel)


Registration:     Please inform us about yourself and your method of payment by sending the attached registration form by e-mail, fax (+30 210 7645163) or post.  We must receive your registration form and a 30% advance payment before  May 10th 2006.  Please send us by fax your bank’s receipt for the electronic transfer.  Please be prepared to pay the balance in Euros when you arrive in Ikaria in ‘cash.’  (Personal, Bank or Traveler’s cheques in Euros can take up to 40 days to clear and have high commissions!)


NOTE:  The number of the participants is limited due to the nature of the

         seminar, so early booking is advised.


The Organizer, in Greece:       

CHRISTIANA KATSAROU (English, French, Greek)            MARYSE FABRE ( French, English, Greek, Spanish)

 Tel: 30 697 242 4796                                                                Tel. home +33 (0)1 46 27 92 04 /

 FAX: +30 210 7645163                                                  work (0) 1 56 60 47 51

e-mail: christiana_katsarou@hotmail.com                       Fax.  +33 (0) 1 56 60 47 06 –

                                                                                         e-mail : maryse.fabre3@wanadoo.fr                              



IMPORTANT NOTE on your travelling arrangements


If you want to travel by plane to Ikaria, as there are only 4 flights per week, please secure your travel arrangements early!!!!




We typically travel to Ikaria by air  as flying  to Ikaria takes only 45 min. (while sailing to it from the port of Piraeus will take you 9-10 hours.) However, the Olympic Airlines departure flights should be booked as soon as possible, as the planes are small (40-80 seats) propeller planes and they are fully booked relatively early.


 FYICurrent information from Olympic Airlines  (which can change!):


   4 flights per week: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday.

   Departure from Athens to Ikaria : 12.40 p.m.,    Departure from Ikaria to Athens : 14.00 p.m.

A ticket Athens/Ikaria/Athens costs approx. 100.

Please contact Olympic Airlines, tel.: 0030 210 9666 666 or visit the site http://www.olympicairlines.com, for on line reservations.


For any changes, we cannot be held responsible … we advise taking travel insurance!


PLEASE NOTE: There is no public transportation available on Ikaria! Taxi fares from Ikaria’s airport to Cavos Bay Hotel (in Armenistis) costs approx.  40-45  (about 1 hour trip).  We are happy to organise for you to share a taxi with other seminar participants (3-4 persons per taxi, depending on luggage) in order to lower the cost.





a) Ferries run daily between Ikaria and the port of Piraeus ( 9-10 hours, fare-one way: minimum 25 euros, if you reserve a cabin it could cost from  €35 up to  €65 ) We can not give specific timetables and exact fare prices , as they change every summer season. ( Summertimetables come out usually May-June) For further info please visit the official pages of the ferry companies.


b) Ferries also run daily connecting Ikaria and Samos island.:

You could find a direct flight to Samos and then by boat to Ikaria ( 3 hours approximately, fare  around € 10 ) .


c) During summer, hydrofoils link Ikaria with the island of Kos where there is an international airport, destination for many charter flights from all over Europe.


Attention! Ikaria has two ports Evdilos and Agios Kirikos. If you decide to take the ferry, you are advised to take the ferry to EVDILOS, as it is closer to Armenistis, where the seminar will take place. ( From Evdilos port to the hotel it will take you 20 min. by taxi,  approx. 20  taxi fare, as there is no public transportation available!)


 Useful sites for travel arrangements: